Windows 11: Top new windows features – is windows 11 good enough?

The Microsoft team has announced the latest version of Windows with a great looking UI design. The new version is called Windows 11. Here, we are going to describe to you the features of Windows 11.

Introducing Windows 11

In the world, there are 1.5 billion users of windows. This is great news for all of the windows users to have a nice-looking UI and a great user experience in windows 11. The Microsoft team has introduced the new windows version on 24 June 2021.

Task bar in the center 

One excellent feature of the new windows is centralizing the taskbar. Microsoft says, “It puts you in the center”. Users can manually position the taskbar to the left also. The taskbar has a crystal look. It has been popular already among Windows users.

taskbar in the center

Start menu with a new beautiful look

New start menu is cool and attractive with the new touch. It also has a recommended section to go quickly to any target app. The users will get a fresh start with the new start menu.

Snap layout for multi screen together

Windows users can usually use multiple screens together in Windows 10 too. But Windows 11 has come with the same feature as the upgraded one with snap layouts. You can simply click and set your multiple screens in just a second.

windows 11 snap layout

Pick up where you left off

After closing the multi-screen in windows 11, when you plug your multi-monitor, It will connect the older screens as you left it. It remembers all the positions of your older opened windows. So, from the user experience, Windows 11 is just a charm.

Windows Widgets

Windows widgets are going to be more flexible with their new look and features. You can now get your daily tools in a sweet box. You can drag and reorder your widgets in the latest version of this window.

windows 11 widgets on windows 11

Input the way you want

Windows 11 is here to improve your typing experience to a new level. You can now type test with the Touch, Voice, Type, Click feature. Voice recording and voice command for typing is a special feature for those who love writing.

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Smart gesture to navigate in tab/mobile

The Windows 11 team also looks at the tab and mobile users. They have made the new version a more effective user friendly tool. The new version has a smooth touch and tab position features for the tab and mobile users. Also the UI will look very different for all the users of tab and mobile.

Unrivaled Gaming Experience

For gamers, Windows 11 has brought new gaming experience facilities. It is now using DirectX 12 Ultimate. XBOX Game Pass, Gaming mode SDR to Auto HDR for the gamers to enjoy a more clear display. Now gamers will love to play with HDR mode from their mind and will have a lovely gaming experience.

windows 11 gaming on HDR

Personalized feed with widgets

With the latest version of Windows 11, you can now create, learn, do and play with Microsoft Store for apps. You can personalize the app store with your every needed app.

After downloading and configuring the Amazon store, you can also get all the android apps here. You then just have to download and enjoy the android apps on your windows pc. From all the features, it has become more popular enough to the users.

android apps in windows 11

New attractive Windows 11 themes 

The Microsoft team has made a large amount of new attractive themes for windows 11. Windows 10 was a version where you may find a couple of beautiful themes but windows 11 is one foot ahead of it with its nice-looking crystal themes.

microsoft store with android apps in windwos 11

Video call with Microsoft Team in just one single touch.

Windows 11 brings you to the new world of sharing your activities with video calls. Also, you can chat with your friends who are using windows too. It can happen with the Microsoft Team feature. It’s a built-in app with the new windows 11. You will find a video icon in your taskbar. You just have to click and enjoy the sharing app.

chat with microsoft team in windows 11

A Matter of Perspective

Windows is more than just an operating system. It’s where we connect with the people, where we learn and play. We hope you are satisfied with the latest version of Windows 11. We are waiting to see the impact of its large features. Let’s see how it empowers people.

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