How does a computer mouse work? – Explained in details

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Today humans overused and underprivileged mouse devices. Mouse shots are so common that we have kept the mouse out of our thinking. We do not know How does a computer mouse works? Computer mouse best function – Explained in detail. These may look like ordinary plastic pieces to call out, but they have a lot of interesting technology inside.

The journey of the mouse has not been so easy, the mouse is one of the great developments and innovations. In this article, we will try to know how computer mice work. How it came into existence in a few years and a brief discussion about its development.

History of Mouse

The first mouse discovered on world.
Frist mouse of the world/

Computer mice became popular through Apple. Early development of the mouse began as part of a British military project to better communicate with computing devices. When the mouse was first invented, there was no modern mouse-like Car. Below are the first discovered mice and pictures.

Learn more about the first invention mouse.


The public used The first mouse commercially developed by Stanford University. These were better than previous trackballs but were limited in movement because they could only move forward and sideways. Because of these primitive designs with limited mobility, technology companies began to develop a new type of mouse.

apple mouse/

Other companies such as Microsoft and Apple adopted this technology mouse quickly and then it became the most popular input device. Then the companies felt the need for a scrolling button and by launching the scroll wheel it was again in the new market. Learn More

optical mouse/

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How does optical mouse work?

LED – People used to illuminate the surface under the sensor. The cheapest optical mouse on the market now uses traditional LEDs that emit red or blue light. A mouse that uses LEDs as a light source is called an optical mouse.

Over the past few years, laser mouse ghubs have become popular. They use a laser diode instead of the conventional LED lamp. This mouse speaks to work on any surface, including glass, and is used as a high-gaming mouse and is widely famous as a high-gaming mouse.

Prism -The function of the prism is to emit or block light sources and other electronics. The light from the LED lamp hits the prism. The prism reflects the beam and guides the page below the sensor.

CMOS Sensor-When the light illuminates the surface, the CMOS sensor receives the reflected light and tries to measure the movement of the mouse

DSP chip– DSP (digital signal processor) is an IC (integrated circuit) whose function is to process information. It acts as the brain of a mouse and is responsible for all calculations.

This does a lot of testing after getting the picture from the CMOS sensor. It compares images multiple times and looks for changes in surface patterns. It then calculates the direction and speed of the mouse based on the patterns and transmits those kinetics as digital signals of the coordinates of the corresponding cursor to the computer through the USB outlet.

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