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Style Settings

FAQ for Woocommerce gives you the most priority for your own design. Every user is different and their design choice is different too. Here you can style the FAQ list as you want to see it. Below are the style settings where you can configure your expected UI look.

FAQ Section Width

You can set FAQ section width as you want with this setting. If you want to set your FAQ section width as your container, you just simply add the value in the input. You can use percentage(%), Pixel(px) both value here.

FAQ width

Custom CSS

FAQ For Woocommerce provides you the setting to give your custom CSS code here. You just have to put your CSS codes here and save the settings.

custom css

Question Text Color

FAQ question text color can be updated via this setting. You will get a color picker and just choose your expected color for your FAQ Question.

Question text color

Question Background Color

Choose your expected FAQ question background color as you want. Try to use different color from the question text color. Otherwise the text may not be seen if both color matches.

Question backgorund color

Question Background Secondary Color (pop layout only)

Question background secondary color feature is just for the pop layout only. As the pop layout has even/odd different FAQ questions, you may have to select different colors too. This setting provides you the facility.

question secondary bg color

Question Border Color

FAQ question may have border all the side. You can choose your expected border color from here.

question border color

Question Font Size

Question font size can also be customized by this setting. If you don’t give any value the default font size of your WordPress theme will be set by default for the FAQ Questions.

question font size

Answer Background Color

You may want a background color for FAQ answers. This setting will help you to set the color. Just simply choose the color from the color picker and save the setting.

answer bg color

Answer Border Color

Answer border color can be set from here. Just simply choose the color from the color picker.

answer bg color

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