Best ways for better sleep

It’s fun to fall asleep at night and get strong in the morning but in modern society people are not so lucky.The sleep of the garter for you have to count large toll and it’s not a small issue we can’t avoid this issue. Due to this many diseases also occur like Depression, Cancer, Diabetes, memory loss are some of these diseases just a few names.In our society, most people don’t know most of the disease and how to call him depends a lot on sleep. Now you keep staying what will happen to your health if you continue in this way. Canadian Medical Association publishes data knew a Lack of sleep is due to the inability to lose bodyweight.Two team members are given the same practice, But the swing and the people who slept less meant that those who slept less than 6 hours a night were the second swing who slept more than 6 hours a night were the first swing and managed to lose more fat.May i imply to you that sleep deprivation is a big problem and we can’t avoid this issue.Now you will told me sleep is a waste of time,but if i sleep 6 hours regular i will waste 25% of my life by sleeping.You have to imply the value of sleep, what is sleep? Also, you can see… Magic of Sleep

Why sleeping is very important?The definition of sleep is as incomplete as like life,No one has fully understood it yet.If i say  you the definition of general sleep that is the natural periodic resting state, when a person loses consciousness completely with his eyes closed or when his body stores energy.What are the benefits of sleeping because you need to know more about this definition? The advantage when you are awake is called the catabolic state, your energy is leaking. And when you are asleep it is called an anabolic state, then your body starts to store energy. If you can sleep properly, you will never want to lose the life you will get. I can guarantee this 100%. Today I will tell you a few ways that will help you sleep a lot.

How to sleep better .
Deep Sleep

Best ways to better sleep   

1.Go to sleep at the same time everyday, and get up at the same time everyday.

2.Don’t sleep to go after 3.00 am.

3.For better sleep you have to work hard.

4.You have to meditate a few minutes before sleep.

5.Before going to bed do not  tension your mind, you have to be happy for good sleep.

6.You should be sleeping in your bedroom for better sleep,and your bedroom has to be neat and clean.

7. You should take healthy food to make your body working perfectly. Read more about healthiest food.

What you should to be avoid for sleep

1.Don’t drink nicotine, alcohol .

2.Don’t use any kind of digital technology.

3.Don’t use any kind of digital technology 2 hours before sleep.

4.Don’t consume caffeine after

5.Don’t take naps after 3 p.m, and don’t nap longer than 20 minutes.

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